Why Did a Techie Hack Fashion?

Being a human, it is pretty normal to look for fashionable stuffs to see one’s personality getting groomed. Indeed, it’s everyone’s birth right to get dressed according to his/her wishes. Be it a sports person, a cine star or even a techie. Yes..even a techie.

So far, we had been witnessing many professionals from IT field buying nicely optimized dresses with many inbuilt pockets to keep their gadgets safely. But what would you say if a stalwart of silicon valley himself jumps straight down to the corridor of fashion world, not to buy but to sell?

Rob Meadows, who preferred fashion designing to his mobile software company, himself gives the answer. He says, “I didn’t want to jump from one 20-hour technology day to another and of course there’s the parties, the beautiful women, the fun parts of it as well.”

Needless to say, he sold his multi-million mobile software company, in 2006, and started designing his fashion dress line. Apart from getting footholds at some small boutiques, he has an exclusively designed fashion apparel for Nordstrom.

It is widely known that the fashion field gives a very “slow” profitable result, and even it takes long to turn into a bulky one. Then, it seems far from a wise move to dump a profitable business like software development for fashion.

Definitely, Rob is not here to earn money only. Rather, he is here to add some tasty spices in his life. And probably, he seems to restore his “I-love-to-get-socially-involved” habit.

Finally, we should be assured enough, whatever complex steps he would take to design dresses, his dresses would be as user friendly as his softwares had been.